The Unknown Good of Project S.T.E.P

I was going through my very full hotmail account today.   I, like many in the communications bizz, have lots of google alerts that keep me up to date on things of interest to me.

In it was a tiny little post on the good work of Project s.t.e.p. I encourage you to check this organization out.  They have been around for a couple of years and are accepting donations (yes you get a tax receipt) at

My point is that there are so many community programs about which most of us know nothing.  As I continue my job hunt in the non-profit sector I am astounded at the large number of organizations doing good work, lacking in funding, serving our communities.

Here we have an organization, supported administratively by the United Way, comprised of notable people in Ottawa that gets little press and/or kudos.

We all know that if folks don’t know you exist, they won’t be opening their wallets.  In particular I am surprised by the number of organizations devoted to bettering the lives of our youth in Ottawa that we never hear about.  A full one third of the population of Ottawa is comprised of people under the age of 24.

Now I hate to go all Whitney Houston on you, but the children really are our future.

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One Response to The Unknown Good of Project S.T.E.P

  1. Perry says:

    I very good organization that is 110% supported by Chief Vern White, The City of Ottawa and the Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) and many others.

    This organization reached out to youth on the street at our neighbourhood schools and is well deserving of your donation for saving our kids from the pitfalls of street drugs.

    Well done Lucia!

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