I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!

Those of us with siblings will laughingly flinch at those remembered words from long car rides with the family.  Your brother holds his finger a centimetre from the side of your head gleefully chanting “I’m not touching you.”  The expected response from those in the car is a sigh of resignation at the dance of boundary testing going on in the back seat.

http://www.cbc.ca/politics/story/2010/12/01/wikileaks-cbc.html In the article on the CBC website we see this dance in full swing.

In the grand political game of planet earth Canada and the USA are adolescent in their chronology at best.  I will grant you that the planet was going through some difficult family times during their upbringing.  But regardless of one’s past there comes a time when one is grown up and must accept responsibility for whom they’ve become.  One has to take a look at the decisions we’ve made and get on with the business of getting along and living life.  There comes a time when one has to accept that adolescent brothers are going to tease each other mercilessly and to distraction at times.

Canada is mocked and characterized in most foreign media as being affable, terminally nice and heaven knows we as Canadians have flinched as American television has mispronounced “out and about” to reflect “oot and aboot” rather than “oat and aboat”.

The US covets manifests and promotes its own image of being someone not to be messed with; and, continues to produce mass media reflecting their own “bad ass” capacity in all forms.  Let’s say them together shall we?  Law and Order, NCIS, the West Wing, Cops and CSI everywhere.  In these programs, we see crime, immorality, and corruption at their finest, on American soil.  We want to believe that these are shows about resolution and good winning out.  But even Shakespeare would agree that the fiction of a time reflects the society at hand.

Are we now to understand they are upset that the long standing satirical nature of the Canadian sensibility takes aim at this very image?

I’m proud that we as Canadians have learned to laugh at ourselves with Little Mosque on the Prairie, Corner Gas and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.  We have been the first to report and mock our Prime Ministers losing their tempers.  “Fuddle Duddle” comes quickly to mind.  Wow, I really dated myself there eh?

So whether it’s “gidday mate”, “how’s it going eh?” “out and about” or “semper fi” perception is reality.  If you don’t like your caricature, change your character.

Because if you kids don’t stop it, so help me I will pull this car OVER!

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