Perspective is Reality

I always wondered what people meant when they said, “I have to get some perspective on this.”  I heard this expression today in an elevator from a person discussing the current media frenzy about the recently released Ottawa Police Services videos.

In one way perspective is constant; in that, you really only have your perspective.  Do they need more information?  Do they need more time to cultivate or clarify their perspective?  Or do they sit in a position of having no perspective…..or opinion.

The discussions surrounding these videos are passionate to say the least.  Rawlson King’s blog on Blake’s website today is educational and level headed.  Kudos!

I must confess that my perspective is multi-faceted.

I have been the victim of crime so I appreciate that the police protected me and aided in having the aggressor convicted.  In that process I worked with what can only be deemed a less than perfect officer.  But that was only one of many officers I had to deal with in that situation. And while I worked with several superb officers I remember the less than perfect one the most as this person had a profoundly upsetting effect on my life.  That is one perspective.

In July I was welcomed to the Board of Directors for Crime Stoppers here in Ottawa.  I am the Marketing and Communications Chair now.  Loving it by the way.  In the last few months I have met many law enforcement professionals who are deeply devoted to their communities.  Our Police coordinator Sgt Mario Bergeron is a man whom I respect and admire a great deal.  He has taught me many things and joins me in my passion for making Ottawa a safer happier city.  I never thought I would meet anyone as driven as myself.  Another perspective.

My perspective on our Police is that they are a people devoted to us, working for us, sacrificing their personal lives, taking care of their families, dealing with politics and just generally doing their best.  Try to imagine if your job were to see people at their worst in crisis every day.  Front-line workers in all trades deserve a freaking medal.  Instead they become inured to pain to survive, get burnout and often get physically hurt; all in the name of keeping us well.

I believe that in any industry there are going to be a few bad apples.  Anyone who has been taken advantage of while having their vehicle repaired can attest to this.  The sad part is that when figures of care ie police, nurses, doctors, clergy etc. are in error the consequences are usually more dire and therefore get more media coverage.

One has to remember that the media rarely makes space for the truly wonderful, above the call of duty reporting.  The negative gets the click of the mouse or remote.  We want to “rubberneck” on these matters so we can say, from our perspective, “How dare they!.”  We see the mistakes of others and feel superior.  We see the immoral choices people make and feel righteous in our lives.

When discussing this matter , instead of listing all of the mistakes you have seen Police officers make in your life, …… try telling a “job well done” story instead.  It might give someone a new perspective.

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2 Responses to Perspective is Reality

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  2. Bob B. says:

    An excellent way of defining the meaning of perspective.

    One more perspective, I just got back from San Francisco, where we were treated wth great respect by Delta Airlines, all the planes were booked solid due to US ThanksGiving, but because we were going back to Ottawa ahead of our schedule due to death in the family. They arranged a 3 stop red eye flight back to Ottawa(14 hours). We landed and took off 3 times from a different airport. I heard more complaints about such things as waiting in line for security, and delay in take off on runway, no food served while flying. Luggages hard to access on the belt, mainly those carry on bags that should be in the cargo hole but to save a few bucks they bring on board where it leaves no room for others. anyways if you travel a lot,you have heard all the gripes possible. But what you don’t hear is “thank you” from the millions who travel safely every day. After 3 perfect take-offs and landings our airplanes loaded with passengers of all sizes and with luggage galore got us safely to our loved ones in Ottawa. If you consider all the talents on the part of the Airport control Tower
    the baggage staff, ticket agents, Stewardess, mechanics and least if not all the very professional airline pilots. I believe it’s a miracle each time we take a flight somewhere. Perhaps this is the perspective we should have for all the service people who look after our well-being each and every day.

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