My Dreamy Dark Chocolate Hero

Let’s be honest.  We would all like an easy path to health.  I have a delicious one.

I mean, who decided that broccoli was king anyway?  Without cheese sauce it tastes like freshly cut grass.

A couple of years ago my Aunt Emily in Nova Scotia became a distributor of Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  In May of 2010 I joined her.  This product is all natural, high fibre, rich in anti-oxidants.  It is un-“Dutched” Belgian chocolate with a portion of the Acai berry and blueberries.  It doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste of store purchased dark chocolate and is creamier than one would think given that it has no milk or waxy additives.  It is also gluten free.

In May I got my first shipment of Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  I began munching thinking it couldn’t hurt.  I ate the prescribed 4 pieces including the Omega 3, Biotic and Power Squares.  Munch Munch  I thought at least it would be a yummy  substitute for my evening breakfast cereal snack.  “Hi my name is Lucia and I’m a Shreddies addict.”

I was super busy with my work on the Municipal Election in Ottawa and didn’t pay much attention.

I have immune and inflammatory health issues.  Don’t even get me started on my allergies.  Anyone who knows me knows that when there is foliage I am miserable.  Allergies wreck my summer up till October and render me quite ill.  Antihistamines become my trusted companion till the snow falls.

In June the loving Emily phoned me and asked me how I was doing with the allergies.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  I was speechless.  (don’t roll your eyes it happens).  I realized I had not purchased any Antihistamines.  I wasn’t sneezing or scratching or wheezing.   What the heck?

Fast forward to August:  I’m at my check up for my inflammatory condition.  What is usually a 10 minute cursory appt with Dr. Glassman,  was quite different this time.  He eyes bugged out of his head as he exclaimed, “what are you doing different, you look great!”   I hadn’t really noticed significant change except for the allergies but through discussion we realized many things had changed.  It’s hard to notice slow subtle changed in your own body.

My condition was more than under control.  Yay!

There was tangible visible evidence of the anti-inflammatory effect of eating the chocolate.

My skin was looking super.  Yay!

I wasn’t taking my inhalers as often either.  Holy cow!

I had greater energy.  I had a more positive attitude

I had lost a few pounds.   I love the new Protein shake.

Want to know more?

Want samples?  Call me 613-853-3345 Best money I’ve ever spent on my health!

Want 15 reasons to eat Xocai Healthy Chocolate?


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