To the Print Shop! New forms for everyone! On me!

“What we got here is… failure to communicate”  Cool Hand Luke 1967

The administrator in me has an exploding brain.  In this age of ever increasing electronic connectedness I am downright gob-smacked that an incarcerated person’s government benefits would be continued for that time.  But not for the reasons you think.

Here’s the thing.  It’s 2010 people!  Um helloooo Y2K!  When everyone was frantically reprogramming the hell out of their computers pertaining to dates, we could have installed some sort of little bell thingy that goes off within the justice/incarceration process, when an inmate has government paid benefits.  Ding

Now, because agencies were not communicating, it requires legislation to put new little boxes on the forms.  Legislation my fellow tax payers.

And the memos, don’t forget the exponentially multiplying memos.  Memos up and down the bureaucratic food chains; ensuring that these oversights don’t occur again.  What about all the other possible versions of this oversight?  Every single government department, paying out benefits, will have to take a firm look at their information sharing process which will definitely require new protocols with new alerts.  Ding

Or for all of us familiar with the commencing of any government related process, there are the forms.  Oh the glorious forms!  Taxation!  Health!  Drivers License Municipal, Provincial, Federal!  My heart goes pitty-pat when I think of all the ways my information is connected out there.  2 layers 3 layers 4 layers 5! Ding

It’s takes a lot of forms changing when big things happen in Canada.  New fields to type in….little boxes to tic, cc’s and bcc’s and distribution lists, oh my.

To the Print Shop!  New forms for everyone!  On me!  Or should I say “us”?

Efficiencies are measured in many ways.  Sometimes they can be measured in trips to the print shop.



Provocateur du jour:

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