January is Crime Stoppers Month!

As most of you are aware, I am a volunteer Director with National Capital Area Crime Stoppers.  It is my honour to be their Director of Communications.  I joined the board in July 2010 after Crime Stoppers made application to Ottawa City Hall for funding.  I was moved to contribute to my community (once again lol) in this area as I was a victim of violent crime in 2007.  And while the perpetrator was apprehended quickly and “tips” were not needed, I was amazed and encourage at all the supportive services that exist in our great city.

A quick and effective way to resolving crime is what we need to save tax payers money so that govt funded services can continue to exist.

I was, like many, under the impression that they had funding or were, in some way, affiliated with Police services.  They don’t and they aren’t!.  Crime Stoppers is entirely private donation driven.  It’s run by volunteers and we rely on donations.  I understand that we are all in difficult financial times but I encourage you to go to


and make whatever donation you can afford.  If you would like your donation to go to a particular event visit just put this in your note with your donation and we will direct it accordingly.

Social networking is taking a firm place in our society and our use of this tool has increased the number of “TIPS” we get.  This has placed additional strain on our meager funds when there are so many “rewards” to hand out.

You can now text your tips on your cell phone, send a tip on Facebook, use our website or just call it in in the usual way.  There are so many ways to contribute to your community.  This year please make us one of your destination donations.

On Thursday, January 27th, 2011 we are holding our annual “Bail or Jail” event at Billings Bridge Mall.  If you want to go to jail and raise us some bail money or just make a donation or join in the fun at the mall please do!

We need your support to continue our 25 year tradition of serving the National Capital Area.

Our upcoming events are listed at:  http://crimestoppers.ca/events/

Happy New Year!

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