“He’s Listening” Go Jim Go!

I usually try to stay neutral when it comes to politics.  I have a few darn good reasons for this.

1.       I don’t like to be labelled or put in a box.

2.       I find something positive in most things.

3.       Political discussions usually alienate someone and are divisive in nature.

While campaign manager in the west end last year I was asked hundreds of times whom I liked for Mayor.  I rarely proffered an opinion because there are things I respect about several who ran.

TODAY I am going to stand firmly behind Jim Watson’s approach to public consultation on cost saving for the City of Ottawa.  I love this.  I wish this had been done long ago.  Go Jim go!

People complain ad-nauseum about wasted spending and bad management and now they will have a chance to put OUR money where their mouths are.  All those whiners who claim to know better can get in line with a concise idea and step up to the microphone.

Next time you hear someone whining about tax bills you will be able to ask them if they showed up at the consultations to be heard.

I am very tired of the malcontents in this city who don’t vote but love to play Monday morning quarterback after the fact.  I’m very tired of the people who live in this amazing city and whine about their quality of life and do nothing to create positive change.

I have lived elsewhere, in Canada and in the US, and when I come home I get off the plane, grab some Tim’s, and thank whomever is responsible that there is hardly any litter, decent health care, clean water, green initiatives, mostly smooth roads, decent housing etc.

So I’m asking anyone who has even a portion of an idea to save us all a little cash to find your local consultation meeting and get busy.  Meet with your neighbours to find consensus.  Be creative.  You’d be surprised what will work.  There are no bad ideas if you care enough to speak up.

More than 100 people ran for council in the election.  They all thought they knew best for the city so I hope they will show up with their great ideas.

Yes, we can save money on such things as photographers like the brilliant Paul Couvrette.  That’s just common sense.  But in order to avoid future lynching of vendors used by the city we might want to get involved early and in droves.

Now is your chance Ottawa.  I realize Jim went to every lady’s tea, church, community centre, house, corner, gym, corner store etc during his campaign, but now he’s actually going to stop long enough to hear your ideas.

Here’s my idea:

Using Crime Stoppers to report crime anonymously saves tax payer money.  It’s focuses investigators and expedites the process; thereby saving Ottawa Police Services money, which saves us money in the long run.

He’s no Fraser Crane, but “he’s listening”.

Go Jim go! I’m with ya!

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2 Responses to “He’s Listening” Go Jim Go!

  1. Hi Lucia – I can appreciate your enthusiasm for Mayor Watson’s consultation on cost. But we’ve had a very hands-off approach from him on our issues regarding flawed environmental and archeological assessments pertaining to the imminent destruction of the BeaverPond forest in the west-end’s South March Highlands.

    In fact, the response from the mayor has been total silence, while the developer prepares to illegally clearcut an old growth forest. The city and Mayor have the authority and responsibility to stop this carnage. Not only will Ottawa’s most eco-sensitive forest be destroyed, thousands of hibernating animals will die during this winter clearcut. Winter kill.

    Despite our efforts Jim Watson has not said a single word about this. This is not what we expect of our leadership.


  2. Blake B says:

    Interesting blog…although your suggestion seems a little self serving as its Crime Stoppers month…lol

    What I hope we get out of these town hall meetings are real ideas that have merit and worth investigating. I’m afraid we will get a lot of ideas that don’t have roots in how they would be reasonable funded or alienate a large portion of the population to serve a small interest group.

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