Are We All Social Networking Tools?

I think most of us would agree that society is becoming more connected online, than in person.  Far be it from me to disrespect a trend that employs me.  I certainly don’t know all my Face Book friends personally.  Nor do I actually “follow” people during the day as it would indicate on Twitter.  That would just be creepy.  I Tweet at people I haven’t met and chat on Face Book daily with strangers all over North America.  In no way, however, does that make me want to run out and get naked with them.   If you believe the article referenced below I am apparently an online prude and way behind the times in my cyber-sexual existence.

Given the amount of time I spend online (heaven help me when I’m billed per byte) I will soon be compelled to hook up with strangers I meet online and jump into bed with them Willy Nilly.  Yes I said it!  Willy Nilly!  I will drop all admirable character qualities instilled in me by my beloved father and abandon all morals.  I will succumb to societal trends and begin asking men out I’ve never met, begin texting horribly mis-spelled sexy things and shorten my wait time to sleep with them; all the while Googling them thoroughly before this whole process.  One should, of course, exercise due diligence when screening mates after all.

All I can say is Baaah.  Baaaah I say, as we are all apparently sheep led to the slaughter of our character by way of our keyboards.

Now I may sit at home and write compulsively in my bunny slippers drowning in coffee with my cat draped on my keyboard (yes that cuts down on productivity); and yes I took a decidedly brief (and comical I may add) foray into online dating after my blessed divorce; but I don’t think that having greater social networking tools is going to be the decay of my character or moral code.

I believe that these tools do NOT promote increased promiscuity.  You are either a person of character who knows yourself and your limits or you are not.  No mobile app is going to take you down.

This survey, like many others, merely illuminates that which we don’t want to admit.  People, given enough social isolation we will resort to varied tactics to reconnect.  Surveys have been bringing to light many distasteful subjects in the last century or so.  We’ve discovered there is much more domestic and child abuse, alcoholism, kinky proclivities, hoarding and OCD, “addictions” to online porn; and, many other things that never used to be discussed openly.   This survey merely shines a light on what has always been a relatively promiscuous society.

Babs had it right, we are all just “People who need people”.

Provocateur du jour:

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