I Have a Huge Package, Relatively Speaking

I’ve been reading so much rhetoric on metered usage lately that, of course, I have to jump in.  I spend hours each day surfing around, educating myself on my industry and on many different issues.  I don’t download music or movies but I do occasionally watch a clip on Utube or Face Book.  I probably visit 100 – 200 websites a day and I have several email accounts.

I called my internet provider today to find out how big my package is.  It’s 60GB.  My highest usage in a month was 5GB.  So relative to my usage I have a huge package.

Rogers had no comment on these matters.  No big surprise.  I asked them if billing terms would change with metered usage:  no comment.  I asked them if they would be honouring the long term contract I agreed to should metered usage be adopted:  no comment.

I notice that there are petitions floating around, citizens are communication with politicians and the media has been paying lip-service to the outrage nearly daily for a few weeks.  But to what end?  We live in the land of capitalism after all.  It’s no longer “if you build it they will come”; it’s now “If you bill it, they will pay”.  Our Hydro bills have proven this.  Supply and demand is a powerful thing.

Your average surfer is not going to suffer much.  We now pay extra when we exceed the usage packages we’ve purchased.  Most of us have reasonably sized packages to have a decent download speed.

The funny thing is that I remember when we paid for all of our use, by the second.  In fact I remember talk shows about marriages breaking up because of internet bills.

Most of the protest about metered usage has taken place on the very internet to which we wish “free” access.  In fact there is little free access.  We pay at home and we pay on our phones; unless we tap into someone else’s wi-fi; which someone is paying for.

I look forward to more specific discussions on this matter.  At this time it is unclear what the cost to the average home user will be.

This change is like any other, the industry is evolving to meet the needs of corporations and weed out the illegal users.  “Long Term Evolution” is a term with which we will all soon be familiar.

In the meantime, as usual; whether it’s the width of your band or the length of your contract, size matters.

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