It’s Only a Flesh Wound! Really?

I have been watching Twitter avidly over the last couple of weeks following events in Egypt with the journalists on the ground and the media reporting on the protests.

In addition I’ve been watching the response of those I follow to these events.  This thread of communication has both moved me and frustrated me.

Today, via Twitter, a local MP congratulated Egypt for achieving its goals “without violence”.  (Insert the sound of my Communication Strategist brain exploding here).  Really?!  Where are people getting their news?  Are politicians so woefully uninformed by their staff?  Are the communication strategists off sick today?

Have we become so inured to violence, through detached observance of TV the Net and Film, that we could consider current events in Egypt to be non-violent.  Do we really need bombs dropped or the US riding in on their tired horse to classify this tragedy as violent?

I have visions of the Black Knight in Python’s Holy Grail cheerfully yelling, “Come back! It’s only a flesh wound!” as he lay with arms and legs cut off squirting blood.

I won’t insult your intelligence with the definition of violence because it is easily recognizable.

My frustration today lies deeply imbedded in the utopia @Lucialand where we take seriously civil unrest leading to violence, even in the name of democracy and change.  I won’t presume to know whether the end justifies the means in Egypt, but I am pro democracy.  To have the Critic of Foreign Affairs for a Federal political party make the above referenced statement makes me worry for the impact and insight of our leaders.

We must take seriously the impact of our statements in Social Media; both on the public and on our careers.  We are too quick to quip recklessly on important issues.  Perhaps this politician has never heard of Sarah Palin either.  Those in the public eye would do well to remember that we are watching, we have good memories; and yes, you too can have a Mike Harris “let those on welfare eat baloney” moment.

“Only a flesh wound” is clearly in the eye of the beholder but on behalf of Canadians today my heart bleeds.

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