Darwin’s Special Needs Child: Public Idiocy

While serving to inform us journalist Lara Login underwent a horrible experience.  Her further victimization on the Net is disappointing but, sadly, not unexpected.

Some of the rhetoric on this subject had me thinking I had taken a step back in time when being a woman in the wrong place, or dressing a certain way, was considered the impetus for an assault.  Never mind the mob mentality or the misogyny that leads to assault.

“She should have known better” is an old refrain that one would hope had died from the natural evolution of society; apparently not.

We may want to think that it was only men making these comments; apparently not.

@Lucialand would like to believe that we know better and seek to find compassion for anyone suffering; apparently not.

Ms. Logan does not have the privilege of having her identity withheld to preserve her privacy; however, that does not mean we get to use the safe distance of computers and anonymity to disconnect from her human condition.  The privileged distant observers of the events in Egypt are safe in their self righteous pontifications on what transpired; as though they have any of the facts.  Bullies come in all forms.

The same attitudes are rampant in the military when female soldiers are sexually assaulted.  If they are going to embed themselves in a predominantly male environment then they should not whine when they receive heinous treatment.  The same attitudes exist within domestic violence scenarios: Why didn’t she leave?

We are all too willing to focus our discomfort on the victim rather than examine the actions and motivations of the aggressor.  Have we become so unfamiliar with empathy that we turn on the downtrodden in order to cathart publically?

We question the wisdom of Tweeting thoughtless comments.  We question the wisdom and betrayal of unsympathetic woman further victimizing the female victim.  We question the wisdom of Nir Rosen’s comments leading to his resignation.  I draw the parallel of young people posting compromising photos of themselves on the Net, to be viewed by university admission departments and future employers.

Darwin was correct; it is survival of the fittest.

Silver Lining: In these cases we are happy to know who the idiots are so we can avoid them and find them discredited.

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