The Links to Potential

We all want a link to the positive potential of any situation.

We hear about the potential to prosper through social networking sites. My “Links” on LinkedIn can attest to this.
We have “Friends” and “Tweeps” and now we have “Links” on LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn statistics page states that I am “at the center” of my network. That is powerful positive reinforcement for being on this website. I like it already. I must be in the right place.

My connections, or Links if you will, can introduce me, or link me, to hundreds of thousands of people. Why would I ever leave?

There is much discussion and analysis about the revenue potential of social media sites.

How does having friends, tweeps and network links we’ve never met increase potential?

This principle of this question drives the e-commerce and communication industries. The first guy to pay his neighbour to put a sign on his property did market analysis of traffic. They didn’t call them Soap Operas for no reason. Analytics are the natural evolution of the Neilsen Ratings.

Effectively working these social media sites has become a moving art form. As the market evolves we continue to move with it, even at today’s epic speed. The tools change and evolve but the theory of human connection leading to prosperity is constant.

Let me paint you a picture: The communication tools on these social media sites can help us reach a customer, raise funds, raise our social conscience and move political leaders. The power of communication increases daily in our local and global economy and the Exponential Potential brush is a welcome addition to the tool chest.

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