Listening to the Internet

When I was growing up there were hundreds of books in the house and in the homes of my relatives.  My family are avid, if not voracious, readers.  The shelves were stuffed with biographical, political, satirical, and fictional books.  Romance and the classics were there as well great humour like Don Harron, Andy Capp and Mad magazine.  Time, MacLean’s, National Geographic and a set of encyclopaedias filled out this library of reference material.  If you asked a question of a factual nature the standard response was “go look it up”.

Those books solved a number of arguments between the siblings.  They also helped to get good grades on school papers.  My own library could inspire a 12 step program to this day.  The first Nancy Drew book was free.

Then the glorious internet came along.  The biggest encyclopaedia/rolodex/billboard conceivable has unlimited potential.  I’ve been noodling around a few different industries on the net for work.  Assessing the potential inspires me I confess.

If you listen carefully you can hear the answers to your questions.  Like everything you research for value you must secure the most comprehensive info.  There is a lot of information.  Kudos to those  supplying  the information in a literate, eloquent and user friendly fashion.

Selecting the right tools to gather your information and communicate; and who promotes their product there is quite the race right now.  The market is competitive with information.  Location Location Location

The cream rises to the top, those that want to be heard and seen will be.  Quality Within Quantity is achievable.



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