Federal Elections Socially Speaking

I am so excited!

Aren’t you?

The Federal election will tell us a great deal about the power of social media in Canada in 2011.  We read in the news this week that Canadians spend a lot of time online.  Let’s put it to the test.

I’ve certainly got my list of relevant characters created in my Twitter @Lucialand account.  And I “liked” a few more FB pages this morning.  I can’t wait to post an interesting blog roll for the election.

I am almost ready to watch this play out.  We just need all the candidates to enter the race.  We know they are lined up.  If you listen, you can hear the media releases being typed, new shoes being purchased and all election associated industries licking their lips.

Candidates with a strong electronic footprint will access voters in new ways more frequently.  What will the analytics tell us?  It’s hits, friends, tweets, likes, followers and links oh my!

Some great local examples of politicians using social media consistently are Lisa MacLeod MPP – Nepean Carleton CPC, Yasir Naqvi MPP – Ottawa Centre Liberal and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.  All 3 can be congratulated for being leaders in consistent messaging and direct communication with their constituents via email, FaceBook and Twitter.  I would also tip my hat to Ottawa City Councillor Tim Tierney.

Lisa is prolific on Twitter expressing her opinions, progress and passion in an unambiguous fashion that is distinctly Lisa; lovely stuff from a strong leader.  Yasir’s team recently held a large town hall meeting via conference call.  Yasir’s excellence in communicating on a variety of platforms raises the bar.    Our own Mayor Jim Watson recently held a live interactive chat on the radio and is openly responsive on Twitter.  I enjoy his continued accessibility.  These are all leading trends I hope will continue in politics.

We are entering a time of increasingly negative campaign strategies in Canada.  I want to make my vote based on the merits, goals and character of the candidate.  I look first at contribution and demonstrated wisdom.   I’m Switzerland in party politics as many of you know.  For me, it is always about the candidate that lives in, and influences, my community.

Canadian politicians are coming under greater scrutiny and exposure in today’s media.  Let’s come out swinging and keep it above the waist.

I’m excited!  Aren’t you?


This is a great link to your Members of Parliament


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