The NHL: The Real Power in Canadian Politics

Canada is having an election.  Our country is having a crisis.

We have a deficit, healthcare issues, eco and green issues, crazy taxes, ethical and security issues, poverty, homelessness, hungry and illiterate children; and don’t even get me started on outsourcing and unemployment and the lack of consumer based manufacturing in Canada.

And HOCKEY is the most powerful player in Canadian Politics this week!  The truth about Canadians, much satirized, is finally out and the whole world knows.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Can you imagine the Queen saying, “William, you can’t get married then because there’s a really good football match on TV.”

If moving the French debate to accommodate the hockey schedule doesn’t increase the profile of the Canadiens I don’t know what would.

Shortly we will see political pundits in goalie gear to earn credibility.  We will see hockey jargon in political analysis as this is clearly where the power in Canada lies.  Will Left and Right wing players be consulted on the issues?  Will lobbyists be taking this into consideration?  Will those who play Centre be considered fence sitters?  And heaven help the defensemen in a media scrum.

I think we should just have done with it and have the hockey players run to be party leaders and MP’s.  I mean if Haiti can happily elect a music performer as a leader, (and don’t tell me Harper and Layton aren’t riding that little wave) then I want Brian Gionta and and Phil Kessel to replace Harper and Ignatieff as party leaders.  They already have the right coloured sweaters.  Then things could be solved by a good hard shove against the boards, taking off their gloves and pulling each other’s shirts over their heads to disorient.  Then we could bring in Don Cherry as Governor General to kick their asses and fire whomever is out of line.

There would be great savings to the taxpayer if we managed politics the way we manage hockey.  After all, hockey is clearly what is governing this election.



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