There’s ReBranding and Then There’s Great ReBranding

Great Re-Branding can’t be done with just a new font, label or logo.  There actually has to be a new idea there.  There must be an offering of an old idea framed in a new way that we hadn’t thought of before that impacts us on an emotional level.

“New and Improved”, begs the question: HOW?  What’s different and special now?  The idea of Re-Branding came into full play when large companies began gobbling up others and they had to collect on the existing customer base and expand upon it.

Some super examples of Great Re-Branding are:

Old Spice:  laughter

From: traditional Father’s day/Christmas gift of cologne ads on TV

To:  Fun graphic marketing of body wash with their campaign that swept us all over to YouTube to the tune of over 3 million views.  Even Grover got involved.

Apple: need to belong

From: Nearly bankrupt computer producer used mostly by the graphic artist niche market

To: IPod IPhone giant using the youth market to their advantage.

Harley Davidson: elite membership

From: Near bankruptcy and an association with what was perceived to be a criminal element

To:  A sexy edgy, highly merchandising standard of excellence recognized worldwide

I was zipping around on-line today and found the video posted below.  Like the audience in the video I was duly shocked, amused and impressed at the innovation of the young man.  There is nothing like a new perspective to perk you up and drive the imagination.

We all want to re-invent ourselves:  A new look, hairdo, philosophy or lifestyle.  Life often needs freshening up to re-ignite out passion.

If you’re a small business looking to “Re-Launch” because you now to see your true potential you must have an open mind, be willing to look at yourself in a whole new way, and trust your passion.  Most importantly though, you must be willing to look at your customers in a whole new way and engage them in a way THEY never thought possible.

Provocateur du Jour:

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Audition

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One Response to There’s ReBranding and Then There’s Great ReBranding

  1. Fred Ennis says:

    You’re absolutely right about re-branding. It isn’t a new sign or logo or even calling yourself KFC so you don’t have to use the word “fried” in your name.

    There was a rather slow re-branding of Tim Hortons from coffee and donuts toward healthy fast food over the past 20 years. They’re a comfort place for Canadians and they reflect that in their ads, letting us know we get the same quality and freshness all across Canada. They’re into the border states now too.

    But, some of the classics came from non-linear thinking which quickly turned a negative into a positive such as:

    Avis – We’re number two so we try harder.
    Buckley’s Mixture – Tastes awful, but it works.
    7-Up – The Uncola.
    Southwest Airlines which refuses to charge extra for bags, leading to “Grab your bag, it’s on!”

    But let’s get back to Old Spice which is a classic. Women decide what cologne, if any, a guy is going to wear. The last cologne I wore was chosen by a lady some 30 years ago. They don’t even make it any more. The Old Spice people found the formula with a classic entertaining guy, Isaiah Mustafa, who both men and women like. The men want to be like him, and the women want to be with him. It’s that simple, yet it eludes most brand managers and creative agencies.

    Good work!

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