Grassroots Campaigns: How Big is Your Lawn?

Let’s face it, it can feel a little un-predictable when doing client/customer development.  You want a strong client base that uses your best skills, or product, to their advantage.  Everyone benefits right?

I have 3 rules, in life, and in business:

1)      Passion leads to success

2)      Effective communication solves everything

3)      I want to bring out the best in everyone.

Yes I am really that positive and happy.  It wasn’t until I began thinking about my own brand that I came to this realization.  I hadn’t noticed that pattern in my life before.

The truth is you have to figure out what your specialty is.  Some time ago I was lucky to meet with a few people who saw a light in me and wanted to help.  When asked “What do you do?” I could not articulate it effectively but I was passionate.  What was the problem?  I am blessed with many worthy skills.  The answer always started with “I want to help people succeed.”  This was not a tangible answer bursting with deliverables.  I was frustrated.   What made me unique in the market place?  Was I just another “expert” in communications?

I was recently asked to speak at a school about taking an untraditional career path.  I’ve worked for many different industries doing all sorts of things in communications.  But mine has not been an easy path as I pushed through my 20’s and 30’s.  I seemed to bore easily, was frustrated with ineffective campaigns and sorely saddened by closed minds and apathy.  I saw unlimited potential being wholly untapped.

I took a hard look at my accomplishments and patterns.  It was in front of me all along.  I was creating strategic alliances.   I always had.  With less and less available government funding it had become my strategy to align business with charities to increase visibility for both; and generate momentum in our communities.  It isn’t about sponsorship; it is about Partnerships.

It’s really about the human connection regardless of what platform you use.  Things happen and money and ideas change hands when people are of like mind and actually get to meet one another.  It is a critical part of a good communications strategy.  Grassroots (not just for politics anymore) just depends on the size of the lawn and the height of the fence.  How far down the street would you like to see? Provincially? Nationally?  Internationally?

Customers need to feel connected to the vendor and vendors need to connect with their communities.

Let’s raise the bar together.

Passion leads to success.

Effective communication solves everything.

Bring out the best in people

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2 Responses to Grassroots Campaigns: How Big is Your Lawn?

  1. Rob Dekker says:

    Everyone should live by those 3 principles…

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