Racist Tweets in Canada

Every morning, rain or shine, I bring my coffee to my desk, open my emails, peruse Twitter and FaceBook and the web to begin my research for the day.

Trending in Canada this morning, NOT in the USA or anywhere else, was the hashtag


Less than 10% of the comments were from Caucasian Tweeters.   In addition I found #blackpeople, #nigger and a few more that turned my stomach.  One wonders how many uses of a hashtag it takes to make a trend; and what can this teach us about ourselves as Canadians

I Tweeted “Yet another racist hashtag campaign #whitepeoplesayings #Twitter #socialmedia.”  The response was surprising.  People were writing to me equally shocked and disgusted.  I sent off an email to Twitter to see what the heck was up with that.  They’ve never answered any of my other emails so I’m not holding my breath.

I will grant you that it was pretty early in the morning and it’s gone off “trend” now since the news of the Nazi guy getting convicted came out and Tim Hortons delivered their profit report.  But if you go search it you will see that it is still generating lots of activity.

140 characters is a very powerful tool in this big world wide web.  In a world where governments have been recently overturned with the aid of social media it disappoints me greatly to see that this kind of thing can happen in Canada.  We are so “nice” after all. Hmmm

I get that some hashtags generate quite a bit of humour online.  I’ve enjoyed (been distracted by) a lot of the stuff that goes on; but I must protest and call upon Canadians to not fall prey to this kind of mob mentality garbage.  We can be better than this.    In a country that promotes individuality of culture I found this shameful.

To continue my ranting lecture, and in keeping with my theme of responsible use of social media I suggest the following:

If you see racism on-line protest it openly and loudly.

Let’s change what kind of mob we become.  We can help educate.

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