Censorship and Sensibility

Rehleh!   Mr. Darcy you should not utter such things!

Many organizations have developed content/censorship policies for the web.

Should a country have a censorship policy for the internet?

Should you?

Having read the article below, on Roger Ebert’s Facebook page being temporarily removed, I just had to go like his page and see what all the fuss was about.  The poor guy took quite a hit for highlighting the irony of Ryan Dunn’s work/lifestyle and the tragic means of his death.  His page is still covered with profane angry comments.  I think we all wish there were fewer senseless deaths. The whole “Jackass” thing polarized the audience into 2 camps:  Those who do not see the need to access our baser instincts to “rubberneck” on dangerous often painful things; and those who laugh, while empathizing, because it’s not them suffering.  But I digress.

An organization as large as Facebook, must put into place automatic filters that highlight a user for review.  I don’t actually object to this for an organization.  Perhaps we have a case of better safe than sorry.  We don’t know the circumstances of this action on Facebook so we cannot judge.

I have decided that all comments for my blog page have to be approved by me because every once in a while someone a little wacky will just unload on a gal and I don’t feel I need to expose my subscribers to this.  If the comment is just controversial I will just use symbols where they have used profanity.  I don’t object to people disagreeing with me at all; but I have to say I admire those with a little impulse control.

My friend Charles Eichman in Texas made the point that everything will eventually offend someone’s sensibilities.  It’s that old adage that you can’t please everyone all of the time.

I have a confession to make.  I love to swear.  Seriously I just love it.  It’s just more punctuation (in the right audience) in the language that I love so dearly.  My eldest sister once told me that swearing meant you had a weak vocabulary.  I disagree of course sis because it’s really about the time and place of your use of profanity.  I use “fricken-frackin” in mixed company on occasion.  I’ve also stolen a few euphemisms from the immortal words of Roman Moroni in the 1984 film “Johnny Dangerously”.

Here’s where some of us differ.  I do not swear on-line or attack people.  So no one shuts me down.  It’s pretty simple if you think about it.  You can firmly, even angrily disagree with someone on-line without the use of threats or profanity.  Just make a valid argument.

It’s good to think about your corporate internet policies and standards.  You are what you publish.  Forever.  And ever and ever by the way.  As I mentioned in my last blog, once you get some good SEO (search engine optimization) on a mistake you have to work pretty hard to overcome it.  You have to give the social media gang a pretty good reason to forgive.

It’s just about understanding that, if you use the media, you bear some responsible for how the media impacts others.  I don’t think we need to walk on eggshells, just censor yourselves and be sensible with other people’s sensibilities.

After all Mr. Darcy, what will people say?

Provocateur du Jour


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