Socializing Gratitude

It’s September 1st and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I am a fall baby and do not always enjoy the hot humid days of summer.  I can’t wait for the leaves to turn, my favourite leather boots, the first crisp day when you can smell the snow coming and holiday lights and decorations.

Most of you know that I try very hard to be grateful each day.  I teach/preach this philosophy to friends and clients alike; but some days it can be tough even for perky little me.  This has been a summer of challenges for me both personally and professionally so I thought I would share with you the things for which I am grateful.  Maybe it will help you see your blessings.


  • Low fat ice cream
  • Bbq hot dogs (slightly burnt)
  • Zola’s linguini in white clam sauce
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Home-made plum jam
  • Lime chicken salad at Patty’s Pub (you have to try this one)
  • Coffee with cinnamon
  • Root beer
  • Ice cold milk (still my favourite food)


  • My crappy old car that always goes even when she is tired
  • Memory sticks
  • My office chair (20 years old and still comfy)
  • Shade providing trees
  • My pink flip flops purchased at the dollar store: best pair I’ve ever owned
  • My portable air conditioner.  I work in front of a 20 foot south facing window
  • Brilliant sunrises
  • Social Media


  • My sister Carmen – My heart, my friend
  • Blake Batson – supporter, friend and colleague
  • Martin Goulet – client who me taught things
  • Elaine Lindsey – new friend and collaborator who really gets me
  • Kneale Mann – welcomed me on Twitter and in person
  • Mark Pilato – online conversations work
  • Majeed Mogharreban – open hearted, smart smart smart and kind
  • Hub Ottawa – this group of people inspired me deeply
  • Dalene Gallo – opened her heart and mind in a way that inspired me
  • Jean Serre – a man who dared to believe, even in the face of fear
  • Tim Redpath – without whom I wouldn’t have this momentum
  • The nice lady at the counter at Yaghi’s store on Fifth.  She always has a genuine smile and makes buying milk a warm fuzzy experience.
  • Kurt Walther – a creative musical mind that defies logic wrapped in kindness
  • Chris White and Martha Walsh from CKCU – super supportive fun people
  • Arthur II – an artist that contributes to his community and friends with an open mind.  His work is circumferentially brilliant.
  • Fellow networkers – helped me re-evaluate Ottawa’s social conservatism
  • Fellow entrepreneurs – folks who are all in it together to help each other
  • Jack Layton – a class act
  • Tweeps who keep in touch

What I’ve confirmed:

  • I can do anything to which I set my mind
  • People show you who they are
  • Positive begets positive
  • Ego can be destructive
  • People actually like to help others
  • Good health is to be treasured
  • Smiling is contagious
  • Letting my guard down is often worth the risk
  • We are all flawed and worthy
  • Chanting helps
  • Please and thank you are highly undervalued
  • Motivating and inspiring others is the best work we can do

I hope you will share the things for which you are grateful with your friends, families, tweeps, clients and even strangers.  Post your gratitude here if you feel inclined.  I’d love to hear from you.


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