The New Canadian Brand is Bigotry

religionpoliticsI am pissed off and embarrassed!

I find it very hard to believe that the citizens of Quebec, or Canada as a whole, want to be branded as Bigots; but that is the inevitable path of Premier Pauline Marois.  We have a serious reputation management issue here folks and it is up to us as Canadians and Global citizens to bring this to a loud and grinding halt.  I want to see the same indignation attributed to the Russian crap about Gays.  I don’t slam politicians as many are my friends.  I slam bad social policy and divisive actions that propagate hate and hate crimes.

The Quebec government is about to introduce long-awaited, controversial legislation that would restrict religious symbols in numerous places.  The Parti Quebecois government’s “Charter of Quebec Values” will prohibit public employees from donning Sikh, Jewish and Muslim head-wear or visible crucifixes in the workplace.  Bye bye doctors, teachers, leaders etc.

“It will become, I’m certain, a strong uniting element between Quebecers,” Marois said.  Yes well Hitler said the same thing.

Mayor Nenshi of Calgary says the proposal is intolerance, plain and simple.  “Not only do I think that it is an abrogation of Canadian values and ethics, I also think it’s horrible public policy,” says Nenshi. “We’re not talking about government neutrality. We are actually saying to some children because of the faith you follow there are some jobs you are not eligible for.


 Marois said the charter will help bring Quebec together, much like Bill 101, the province’s landmark legislation aimed at protecting the French language.  In fact this proposal neither protects nor unites anything or anyone; rather it is the opposite of the preservation of culture.

Canada has always been known for its diversity and has had wonderful immigration for the marginalized historically.  We are not the melting pot of the US.  We have always prided ourselves on the fact that you can be who you are in safety and free of persecution.  Many immigrated to Quebec because they could easily build a new life with the French language.  Is it just me or is the Catholic culture threatened by this as well?

I predict greater violence and civil unrest surrounding this situation.  We already have religious centres being vandalized in the wake of 9-11 and it continues in Quebec with Mosques being vandalized.

Will we see an enormous exodus from Quebec of the very people that have made it great?  Will anyone ever ask me again (like when I lived in Texas) “Is Canada as great as they say?”

What kind of values do you want in Canada?

Please find a way to express your opinions with respect and vigor.

canadian def

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