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It’s Only a Flesh Wound! Really?

I have been watching Twitter avidly over the last couple of weeks following events in Egypt with the journalists on the ground and the media reporting on the protests. In addition I’ve been watching the response of those I follow … Continue reading

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If It Aint Broke….

I read in the Ottawa Start Blog this morning that 106.9fm is dropping Virgin, and becoming once again The Bear. This really is a perfect example of product re-branding gone awry. In marketing we are always looking for new ways … Continue reading

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We Are In Dire Straits

I am a FIRM believer that the arts reflect the times in which they are created.  I, like you, do not enjoy everything all the time.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder blah blah blah; or yadda yadda … Continue reading

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To the Print Shop! New forms for everyone! On me!

“What we got here is… failure to communicate”  Cool Hand Luke 1967 The administrator in me has an exploding brain.  In this age of ever increasing electronic connectedness I am downright gob-smacked that an incarcerated person’s government benefits would be … Continue reading

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