Clients & Testimonials


“When I decided to run for City Council, I knew I needed this self motivated dynamic person on my team. She did not let me down.  She continually surprised me, showing me how organized, innovative and passionate she is for any project she takes on.  Lucia developed the “Can You Hear Us website for voter turnout, maintained a media presence for my campaign and her connections in the community were certainly an asset.  Her strategic skills and media relations savvy are significant.  In addition, her ability to write for a variety of audiences exemplifies her versatile nature.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lucia.  She will surpass any expectations you may have.”  James Dean, Property Manager (municipal candidate 2010)

“I have recently worked with Lucia from Harper Strategic Communications; it was a wonderful experience. To increase my business’ communication strategies together, we analyzed and revised many core components and processes, including our core competencies as a business, target markets, marketing approaches, public relations techniques and social media strategies.

It was easy to connect with Lucia. She has an open-minded personality, is very resourceful and has a broad spectrum of experience.

I will certainly be doing business with Harper Strategic Communications in the near future. I recommend her work to businesses aiming to improve their communication strategies.” Martin Goulet: Co-Founder & CFO, Coldfront Labs

“Lucia is one of the most creative people I know.  Fresh ideas, innovative concepts, and the skills to bring those thoughts to life.” G. Paul Sylvestre: Entrepreneur at the Ah’oui Group

“Lucia is dependable, honest, hard working, and focused on results. An excellent addition to any team.  Lucia is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.”” Doug McLellan

Bytown Productions – Strategist

Canadian Cancer Society – Ottawa Chapter – Volunteer Strategist

Clear – Pop/Jazz band – Strategist

Coldfront Labs -Networking, PR and Social Media Adviser

Computer Tutoring Ottawa – Strategist

James Dean – Campaign Manager Municipal Election 2010

Natalia and Montuno – Worldmusic/blues band – Strategist/Publicity

National Capital Area Crime Stoppers – Volunteer Communications Chair 2010-2011

PictureIt Studio Ont – Strategist

ReDriven Power Inc. – Marketing Writer


1 Response to Clients & Testimonials

  1. I worked with Lucia to take a critical look at my image as a motivational speaker. Since I serve different audiences (youth, entrepreneurs, and corporate) my messaging and my image were very fractured. Long hair (for the youth) with a suit (for the corporate) was confusing for everyone, even myself. Lucia saw through the smoke and mirrors and gave me some sage wisdom, practical advice, and helped me begin the process to merge my personae into one authentic self that I am comfortable with and my audiences can connect with.

    -Majeed Mogharreban, Motivational Speaker

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